Connecting elementary students to their futures in the workplace, and life!

Teachers work side-by-side with professionals from the workplace, strengthen their lessons by providing real-life examples of their relevance, and improve their capacity to bring workplace experiences to their lessons.

Volunteers help children make connections between classroom work and adult work, develop a greater appreciation for the value of their own work and the work of teachers and schools, and have the opportunity to practice and model teamwork, presentation skills, and positive work habits.

Businesses and community organizations make a direct and profound effect on students, teachers and our educational system; improve their image in the community, help their employees improve their presentation/interpersonal skills, improve employee morale, and give employees a positive attitude about their work and their organization.

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KIDS AND THE POWER OF WORK (KAPOW) partners business and community volunteers with teachers and schools to help students discover new and different jobs, what it takes to do them, and how everything they are learning in school helps them prepare for their futures in the workplace, and life.